Friday, February 3, 2012


  • What are your views on torture as an interrogation tactic in the United States?  And what do you think justifies it being lawful or unlawful?
I think in some circumstances torture is a good thing. The United States has gotten a lot of information out of criminals and terrorists by torturing people. I also think that United States are a lot less intense when it comes to torturing people when you take into consideration Asia, and most Middle East countries. I think torturing justifies being lawful more than unlawful because we have probably dodged getting into wars with other countries because we got information out of people that we did not know before.

Animal Testing

  • Why test on animals that can not say how they are feeling?
Animals are living organisms just as humans are. They feel the same way we do. Even though they can not express their hurting in words, they still should not have to be put through harmful acts of torture just so that we can try the new hair spray or beauty products. If people do not want to be tested on, then animals should not be tested on either.

  • Why not test on laboratory skin and flesh?
I think scientists that test on animals are sick people. They test on animals just so they can hear them scream so that they know how harmful these products actually are. I think they need to start testing on artificial flesh and skin more often because all of these animals are being abused, and no human would want to be put through these circumstances.


  • If your your girlfriend had an unexpected pregnancy would you consider getting an abortion? Why or why not?
I think if that happened to me, I would be demoralized, but i would talk her in to keeping the baby as our own because babies are human. Even if pregnancy stages had just started it would not be okay to abort a baby. If you abort a baby then that would be the act of murder and they would have no chance to experience life.  


  • What are some reason someone may be opposed to Euthanasia? What are some reasons in support?
People think that Euthanasia is unethical because it would pretty much be murdering a innocent person. They do not realize that when people are in a lot of pain and do not want to make their family suffer that they would much rather pull the plug than harm their family. Another reason for people being against Euthanasia would be because doctors should not be given the duty of killing people and being able to end peoples lives if they wanted to.